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6 floors with elevator and escalator 3836 м2 facility and 508 m2 garden
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Macedonia Struga Travel and Tourism Portal

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Struga,Republic of Macedonia.Are you looking for more tourist and travel information about accommodation in Struga: hotels,motels, apartments or rooms? Maybe you want to taste macedonian dishes or vine in some fine restaurant in Struga.Yes,there are many restaurants or if you want to taste some Macedonian pizza,there are many pizzeria.You can find information about Struga entertainment,night life,cafeteria etc.This portal is trying to give you more information if you decide to travel and visit Struga.   


Struga Macedonia

Struga is placed on the south-west of Republic of Macedonia,near Ohrid,on the coast of Ohrid Lake and the river Crn Drim.Struga is a town on two springs.It has hugged both, the Ohrid Lake and the river Crn Drim  or they had hugged the town,you never know...The climate is continental with some Mediterranean influences.The winters are not so cold and it is very hot during the summer period.The town has a picturesque beauty,wonderful sighs and many of old monuments.

It has been known since the time of Ilirs,and many of old writers of traveling guides have noted that Struga was a very vivid city,with developed trade,great markets and the houses  of the wealthy citizens were always beautiful and decorative.That is why the well-known saying:"There is no place like Struga" since then.

struga2 In this tourist region three are 65 tourist units where the accommodation can reach up to 17 000 visitors at a time.In the course of the year 60 000 tourists visit Struga,which is equivalent to 300 000 overnights.Since 1961 Struga is a host of the an internationally known festival of poetry known as "Struga Poetry Evenings".The festival is held every year towards the end of August and is the world's largest event  of this kind.The Struga Poetry Evenings and "the traveling of the eel" the two main world attractions that Struga's inhabitants are proud of.

Among the more important cultural monuments is the church St. George,whose effigies date from the 13 to 19 centuries.In another church whit same name ("St. George") built in 1267,where are a mosaic from the 5th century has been discovered.It is worth visiting the fisherman village Kalishta and the church St Bogorodica that is on the lake shores itself and the cave's church St.Atanasij.In Struga there is also old moslem architectural like Helveti teche mosque and the "Amam."

struga3 Dear visitor,welcome to Struga the town of poetry,culture,educators and craftsmen.Welcome to Struga,the town that we belive it will make you admire both,nature surrounding and its pulsating heart from inside.Struga exist and attracts with its glimmer and beuty.A wonderful place where everyone can find something for his own,where one can run away from the city crowd and feel the scent of nature,the silence and the waves of the lake .A place where one can return to untouched nature,to find peace and to fill up his leisure time and leave in order to be back again.

Visit the natural beauty offered as a clear water drop on your palm,enjoy the sight of the lake,the river,greenery and birds.All this was created by nature,and we are just to convey it to you and to pay our due respect to everything that is worthwhile.But do not forget to visit the cultural and historical monuments that stand firm,outliving man and time so they may be seen by you,your children and your grandchildren.